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Calmalaif ® Traditional herbal medicine to improve the wellbeing of nervous stress and to promote sleep, for sleep problems. The medicinal product is a traditional medicinal product that is registered for the area of ​​application solely on the basis of many years of use.
Contains sucrose.

For sleep problems information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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CALMALAIF coated sleep problems  tablets
for stress-related restlessness, tension and sleep problems.

Stress has many faces and can affect anyone, no matter what age, what job they do or what social conditions they are in. Everyone processes stress very differently, but if it gets out of hand, this often has a negative effect on our physical and mental well-being. With its unique combination of 4 herbal ingredients, the new Calmalaif ® helps with a variety of stress complaints such as inner restlessness, tension and sleep problems and thus supports the body's own regeneration. This makes it possible to draw new strength for everyday life and to be more balanced again. Calmalaif is also well tolerated and does not cause daytime sleepiness or habituation effects.

sleep problems Calmalaif ®- Anyone looking for relaxation has to find peace.
The demands placed on us are higher than ever today, regardless of whether private or professional, and this problem is unlikely to decrease in the future. Due to the increasing pressure, it is often difficult to get everything under one roof. The result can be that you have the feeling that you are constantly under power and that you simply cannot switch off any more. The stresses of the day often follow us into the night, prevent us from falling asleep in the evening and cause problems staying asleep. The urgently needed recovery does not come about and we often start the next day even more tired and unbalanced - a vicious circle. A permanent overload due to stress can manifest itself as follows, for example:

• Inner restlessness
Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep 

• Tension

• Difficulty concentrating
• Circles of thought and the feeling of not being able to switch off
• Nervousness, palpable palpitation of the heart In

particular, healthy sleep is essential for the regeneration of the body. But the symptoms of stress prevent you from finding the necessary relaxation. This is exactly the approach that Calmalaif pursues by specifically helping to calm down both during the day and at night and to leave the stressful symptoms behind.

Plant-based and well tolerated for sleep problems 
With its calming and relaxing effect, Calmalaif ® helpsbreaking out of this vicious cycle of excessive stress, sleep problems, and fatigue. The unique combination of the 4 medicinal plants valerian, passion flower, hawthorn and black nettle complement each other perfectly to comprehensively alleviate typical stress symptoms such as restlessness, tension, but also sleep problems.

Calmalaif ® is vegetable and well tolerated. There are no known interactions with other medicinal products. In addition, it does not make you dependent or tired during the day and does not affect your ability to drive. The medicinal product, which is based purely on herbal ingredients, is lactose and gluten free and suitable for young people from the age of 12.

Dosage and intake of
sleep problems Calmalaif ®can be dosed as required and thus adapted to the type and severity of the complaints. The application is suitable for adults and adolescents from 12 years of age and should be taken as follows:

Ingestion in case of nervous stress conditions such as restlessness and tension, sleep problems :
• Adults 1-2 tablets
3 times a day • Adolescents from 12 years of age: 1 tablet 3 times a day

to promote sleep, sleep problems  :
• Adults: 2x daily, 1 tablet with dinner and 1 tablet before going to bed
• Adolescents from 12 years: 1 tablet with dinner

Maximum daily dose:
• Adults: max. 6 tablets per day
• Adolescents: max. 3 tablets per day

With the practical and discreet pill jar, Calmalaif is ideal® is also good to have with you on the go. There is basically no time limit for the use of Calmalaif. However, if the symptoms do not improve or even worsen after two weeks, a doctor should be consulted.

The active ingredients of sleep problems  Calmalaif ®
Calmalaif ® consists of 4 medicinal plant extracts with a calming and relaxing effect, which have long been proven in the treatment of stress complaints and which complement each other perfectly in Calmalaif ® .
• Valerian helps with difficulty falling asleep and promotes restful sleep.
• Passion flower relieves anxiety and has anti-anxiety effects.
• Hawthorn has a calming effect on stress symptoms such as nervousness or palpitations.
• Black nettle reduces tension, restlessness and irritability.

In the unique combination, sleep problems Calmalaif ® combines the best properties of these medicinal plants. It promotes the relief of typical complaints caused by permanent stress and overload, such as inner restlessness and tension. sleep problems Calmalaif ® helps to find inner peace and a restful sleep and thus supports the body's own regeneration.