CALMVALERA globules, neurasthenia, nervous irritability

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CALMVALERA globules 7.5 g, neurasthenia, nervous irritability


Calmvalera Globuli (previously Calmy Hevert), neurasthenia, nervous irritability

Areas of application:
Correspond to the homeopathic drug pictures.
These include: neurasthenia, nervous irritability. Contains sucrose (sugar).

For risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Calmvalera Globuli
Homeopathic medicine for overstimulation and nervousness Relieves

restlessness during the day and promotes sleep at night.

Despite all the care and security that one gives one's child, more and more stimuli from outside or the family environment affect our children from which one cannot permanently shield them. Babies and small children in particular react very sensitively to this, develop inner restlessness, appear tense and nervous or are simply "fussy".

Calmvalera Globuli is a proven homeopathic medicine. The well-tolerated active ingredients help reliably and naturally with increased irritability and restlessness during the day and ensure restful sleep at night. The granules (globules) can simply be melted in the mouth. Calmvalera Globuli is already suitable for children from 6 months.

Calmvalera Globuli contains a proven combination of three carefully selected homeopathic active ingredients that work effectively in a natural way. They bring the vegetative nervous system back into balance, which controls all unconscious life processes and thus also the sleep-wake cycle. This improves irritability, nervous restlessness and sleep disorders.

Restless, overexcited? - Your child will calm down with Calmvalera Globuli.