CAMILIA BOIRON Painful teething in infants diarrhea 10 LIQUID DOSES 1ML UK stock


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  • CAMILIA BOIRON Painful teething in infants 10 LIQUID DOSES 1ML 
Painful teething in infants.
Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antidiarrheal. 
Camilia relieves the most common symptoms of teething in infants (pain, inflammation, diarrhea). 
The application without touching the sore gums.
How to use
If your doctor tells you otherwise should be used following dosage schedule: 2 - 3 times a day orally instill the contents of the entire pot (minims). 
If symptoms worsen or do not disappear after three days of treatment, it is advisable to seek medical advice. 
Open the sachet. Peel off one receptacle. Close the sachet containing the remaining doses. Turn and break off the tip. The contents of the pot enter into the baby's mouth, holding it in a sitting position.

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