Camphor ointment 20g muscle pain and mild neuralgia


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With muscle pain and mild neuralgia, it is not worth using strong painkillers. The use of a camphor ointment with a warming effect will be sufficient.

Camphor ointment muscle pain and mild neuralgia Composition:
100 g ointment contains: active substance: Camphora 10,0g; excipients: hydrophilic petrolatum, containing cholesterol, stearyl alcohol, white wax and white petrolatum.

Camphor ointment muscle pain and mild neuralgia Action:
The active substance contained in the ointment is camphor, which has warming properties, which in the case of mild muscle pain and neuralgia reduces perceptible discomfort. Camphor ointment is also recommended as an auxiliary in colds.

Camphor ointment recommended for mild muscle pain and neuralgia. It can also be used as an auxiliary in colds.

Additional information: The product should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the ointment. Do not use on children under 6 years of age. Do not use if the skin is affected.

For external use. Use as directed by your doctor. It is recommended to lubricate sore spots 1-2 times a day. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use. Avoid contact with eyes.