Lefrosch CANDI lipstick for cracking 5ml, best lip balm


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  • Lefrosch Best lip balm. CANDI lip balm is antibacterial and anti-diarrhea. Lefrosch Candi Contained chlorquinaldol is a derivative of 8-hydroxyquinoline having an antibacterial effect (staphylococci, streptococci, sticks
  • From the Enterobacteriaceae family).
Lefrosch Candi lip balm also works on protozoa and some fungi (C. albicans). Klotrimazole has anti-yeast effect.

Lefrosch Candi lip balm Composition:
chlorquinaldol 1%, clotrimazole 1%, vitamin E

Indications Lefrosch Candi lip balm:
Cracking corners of the mouth

Contraindications Lefrosch Candi:
Pregnancy, lactation. Age below 12 years old. Do not use in people who have been allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of the preparation. Do not use without consulting your doctor if you have diabetes, syphilis, HIV infection, immunosuppressive treatment, chemotherapy and in the elderly. The lipstick is intended for use solely on the outside, only within the corners of the mouth. Do not use for herpes. Do not swallow

Lefrosch Candi Adverse reactions:
Pruritus, erythema, Edema of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. In case of any persistent symptoms, wash with soap and water and contact a physician.

Application Lefrosch Candi: Apply a small amount of lipstick on the affected corner 3 times a day. Apply until the change is over and for the next 3 days. If you do not see changes for 3 days, please contact your doctor. In case of a recurrence, do not use lipstick but seek medical advice. The lipstick should be used by one person. Once the changes are over, the lipstick should be discarded - it must not be re-used because of the possibility of transfer of bacteria and yeast. During the first use, the feeling of "baking" may occur, which should be resolved within about 15 minutes. Avoid exposure to sunlight during application. Do not use solarium.