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Bifonazole Canesten ® Extra Cream
Active ingredient: Bifonazole

CANESTEN Bifonazole Areas of application:
For fungal diseases (mycoses) of the skin caused by dermatophytes, yeasts, molds and other fungi such as Malassezia furfur, as well as infections by Corynebacterium minutissimum.

This can be e.g. B. fungal diseases of the feet and hands as well as the treatment of an exposed bed of nails as part of a nail fungus therapy; Fungal diseases of the rest of the body skin and skin folds; so-called bran fungus, caused by Malassezia furfur (Pityriasis versicolor); Skin disease caused by Corynebacterium minutissimum (Erythrasma) and superficial candidiasis.

Note: Contains cetostearyl alcohol. Note leaflet!

For CANESTEN Bifonazole information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

fungal infections of the skin and feet - with Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole

The advantages of Canesten ® Extra Cream:
✔ treats hand and athlete's foot diseases thoroughly and specifically with just one application per day
✔ thanks the effective broad-spectrum effect effective against all relevant
fungal pathogens (e.g. dermatophytes, yeast and molds) ✔ usually relieves symptoms such as burning, itching and redness within three days and offers an additional anti-inflammatory effect thanks to the active ingredient bifonazole
✔ waterproof and therefore suitable for sport and leisure
✔ in combination with the Canesten ® Extra nail set necessary for the effective Canesten ® Extra 2 ‐ phase short therapy for nail

Bifonazole fungus Treat fungal disease, relieve symptoms - with the Canesten ® Extra Cream

It itches, burns and your feet smell unpleasant? You may have athlete's foot. Then you need to act quickly! If left untreated, fungi can spread to the foot and even to other parts of the body. It can also be transferred to other people. In addition, other pathogens like to settle there. Bacteria trigger an inflammatory reaction and thus lead to further complaints such as unpleasant foot odor - this is precisely where effective treatment is important. Thanks to its broad spectrum action,

Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole helps against all relevant pathogens and eliminates so-called mixed infections. The active ingredient bifonazole penetrates deep into the skin, fights the germs and is also anti-inflammatory - the symptoms are improved even faster as a result.

The CANESTEN cream Bifonazole quickly relieves symptoms such as:
• itching
• burning sensation
• redness
• whitish flaking
• blisters
• painful cracks in the skin

The use of Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole is extremely uncomplicated and easy to integrate into your daily routine. Before treating the affected areas of skin with Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole, you should clean the areas with water and dry them well. Apply the white, quickly absorbing cream thinly in the evening before going to bed and massage it in briefly. Avoid eye contact with the Canesten ®Extra cream Bifonazole. The treatment only requires a small amount of time: it is sufficient to apply a one-centimeter-long strand of ointment (for an area the size of a palm) to the affected area once a day.

An important note: Do not discontinue therapy if the symptoms improve, as this often happens within the first three days. However, the pathogens - both fungi and bacteria - persist in the layers of the skin longer. If you stop using Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole prematurely , there is a possibility that the germs will multiply again and the athlete's foot or skin could reappear. The following therapy periods must be observed depending on the type of illness:

• three weeks: mycoses on the feet, mycoses between the toes
• two to three weeks: mycoses on the body, hands and in folds of the skin
• two weeks: bran fungus, erythrasma (bacterial infection of the skin)
• two to four weeks: yeast infections of the skin

You should consider treatment with the Canesten ® Bifonazole If you have forgotten the extra cream, continue with the therapy as usual. If the application is forgotten several times, the duration of therapy can be extended. Infants and young children are also allowed to use the drug, but only after consulting a doctor. See a doctor if symptoms worsen, if there is no improvement after a week, or if there are side effects such as pain at the administration site. Based on the current knowledge, an overdose of the cream has no further consequences.

Keep Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole out of the reach of children. In addition, you should not use the medicine after the expiry date. You can find this on the tube and the folding box. Canesten ®Extra Bifonazole against athlete's foot and skin is available as a cream in a 20 gram or 50 gram tube and as a spray.

The active ingredient of Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole

Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole against foot and skin fungal infections contains the active ingredient bifonazole. Bifonazole penetrates the skin, inhibits the multiplication of germs and fights all relevant pathogens that cause skin or foot mycosis. Bifonazole also has additional anti-inflammatory effects and alleviates the symptoms.

If there is an intolerance to an ingredient, Canesten ® Extra Cream Bifonazole must not be used.

Treat fungal diseases of the skin or feet and order the effective Canesten ® Extra cream Bifonazole right here.