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CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack

Bayer Vital GmbH

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CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack

Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination

Pack size:1 Dosage form:Combination pack
active ingredient: Clotrimazole

Areas of application:
For infectious discharge caused by yeast; Inflammation of the vagina and labia caused by fungi - mostly yeasts of the Candida genus - as well as superimposed infections (superinfections) with clotrimazole-sensitive bacteria.

Note: Contains cetostearyl alcohol. Note leaflet!

For CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Bayer Vital GmbH, 51368 Leverkusen, Germany

Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination - effectively treating vaginal thrush

The advantages of the Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination:

• eliminates fungal infections of the vagina and labia with a combination of vaginal tablets and cream
• the active ingredient clotrimazole inhibits the growth of a large number of fungi and certain bacteria
• a special addition of lactic acid improves the solubility and increases the availability of the active ingredient
• uncomplicated and hygienic use of the vaginal tablets with an applicator
• Suitable for pregnant women under medical supervision.

Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination: Effective combination of 3 vaginal tablets & cream against vaginal thrush

A sore vaginal opening, a slight swelling of the labia or a white, granular discharge - these are all symptoms that can occur due to vaginal thrush. Big effects, small triggers: yeasts (mostly Candida albicans) are the cause of vaginal thrush. They occur in small amounts in every woman with an intact immune system - this is actually quite normal. However, if the immune system is weakened, for example due to illness, or if the vaginal flora is out of balance, the pathogens can multiply and lead to problems. The causes for this are very different, but you can try these tips to prevent vaginal thrush:

• Do not practice excessive intimate hygiene
• Wear air-permeable clothing and underwear, preferably made of cotton
• Increase the body's immune defense with a healthy diet and exercise
• Pay attention to protected sexual intercourse

It can happen that the fungus is also transmitted to men through sexual intercourse. The pathogens cannot multiply there because the man's glans is better ventilated. However, your partner should also consider treatment if the fungus infestation recurs, as he can still be a carrier of the yeasts.

Canesten ® is an uncomplicated self-therapy to treat vaginal thrush effectively and comfortablyGYN 3-day combo. With the combination of vaginal tablets and cream you relieve the symptoms and eliminate the fungi easily and effectively. The active ingredient clotrimazole inhibits the growth of yeasts, a number of other fungi and some bacteria that can become lodged in the vagina in addition to the fungal infection.

CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack. The application of the 3-day therapy should proceed as follows:

• One vaginal tablet is inserted deep into the vagina on three consecutive days, preferably in the evening. The applicator makes the process easier and ensures hygienic use. You can find detailed instructions in the instruction leaflet.
• The cream is applied thinly to the labia and adjacent areas two to three times a day for one to two weeks and rubbed in.

If the vagina is dry, the vaginal tablet may not dissolve completely and solid lumps may be passed out. Then you should prefer treatment with Canesten ® GYN 3-day therapy vaginal cream [target link: product text "Canesten ® GYN 3-day therapy vaginal cream"]. Do not carry out the treatment with the Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination during menstruation. You should also be careful if you have the following symptoms:

fever (38 degrees Celsius and higher)
• abdominal pain
• back pain
• nausea
• vaginal bleeding combined with shoulder pain

In that case, be sure to consult a doctor. The same applies if you have developed vaginal thrush more than four times in the past year. If you have forgotten an application in the evening, it must be made up in the course of the following morning and the treatment must otherwise be continued as planned. With the Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination, the symptoms usually disappear within the first four days.

Important note: Simultaneous use of latex (for example in the form of condoms or diaphragms) and vaginal tablets or cream can reduce the effectiveness of contraception. However, this effect only occurs intermittently during treatment. Keep the medicine out of the reach and sight of children. After opening the cream for the first time, it can be kept for three months. In addition, the product must not be used after the expiry date. You can find this on the packaging - it always refers to the last day of the month.

CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack. The active ingredient of the Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination

In the Canesten ®GYN 3-Tage-Kombi contains the active ingredient clotrimazole (vaginal tablet: 200 milligrams; 1 gram cream: 10 milligrams). Clotrimazole attacks the pathogens (both fungi and bacteria) and inhibits their reproduction. This also relieves the symptoms. A special addition of lactic acid improves solubility and increases the availability of the active ingredient. A pack of Canesten ® GYN 3-day combination contains an aluminum blister with three vaginal tablets and a separate applicator as well as an aluminum tube with 20 grams of cream.

CANESTEN Gyn 3-day Clotrimazole combination pack