CANHYDROX GAG tablets vet. 100 g

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Canhydrox GAG Tablets Vet.

To strengthen connective tissue, joints, cartilage, bones, teeth, ligaments and tendons!

- Hydroxyapatite: An organic, bone growth-inducing substance that is naturally found in over 50% in bones and over 90% in teeth. It ensures the elastic stability and strength of the bone, supports the shaping of straight, axially aligned extremities and is indispensable for bone structure
- Silica: Provides firm connective tissue, tight ligaments and tendons
- Vitamin C: For tooth formation, firm gums and for strengthening of the connective tissue In problematic cases such as musculoskeletal disorders - especially in young and old dogs:
- In puppies and young dogs: patency, knock knees or bowlegs, supports the straight growth of the extremities and the healthy bone structure
- After operations on joints, bones
- For the healthy bone structure of medium and large breeds as well as giant breeds, their joints and bones which are exposed to increased stress due to their high weight
- in performance

Canhydrox GAG dogs for the elasticity of the bones and to strengthen the tendons and ligaments in puppies and young dogs with:
- deformed extremities (bow or knot legs)
- patency
- loose joints
- Connective tissue weaknesses

Canhydrox GAG General:
- Tightening / tightening of tendons, ligaments and muscles
- To support performance dogs by promoting the elasticity of the bones
- For joint / movement problems in old age
- After operations on bones

Canhydrox GAG Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
Young dogs from the 4th month:
- As a preventive measure, 2 tablets per 10kg body weight up to the 15th month
- For deformed extremities: 4 tablets per 10kg body weight for at least 4 months, then 2 tablets per 10kg body weight are sufficient

- Aging dogs: 4 tablets per 10kg body weight

- Performance dogs : 2 tablets per 10kg body weight - 2 weeks before and during the performance phase
- After bone fractures: 4 tablets per 10kg body weight - during the healing process

Canhydrox GAG Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: hydroxyapatite, yeast, green-lipped mussel meat meal, seaweed, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide

Canhydrox GAG Ingredients: crude ash 35.2%, crude protein 20.0%, crude fat 4.4%, crude fiber 1.1%, calcium 8.6%, phosphorus 3, 7%, methionine 1.1%
additives per kg: vitamin C 100,000mg, vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) 10,000mg, selenium 12mg