CANINA Biotin Forte powder for dogs

Canina pharma GmbH

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Biotin Forte powder for dogs

Use for itching, hair loss, dull coat, dandruff, pigment disorders and eczema.

If biotin is fed when the coat changes, this accelerates the change - the coat grows back healthy and with optimal pigmentation.
This powder is particularly suitable for short-haired dogs.
Give your bitch biotin Forte daily about three weeks before the litter until the puppies are weaned.
Your bitch will not or hardly be haired after the puppies have been weaned, but in almost all cases will still be in show condition.

Biotin Forte powder for dogs Feeding
recommendation per animal and day: - up to 10 kg body weight 1 tablespoon
- up to 20 kg body weight 1.5 tablespoons
- From 20kg body weight 2 tablespoons

The dosage indicated on the packaging should be adhered to for approx. 6 weeks, after that half the dosage is sufficient. Overdosing is not possible as excess biotin is excreted.

Biotin Forte powder for dogs Composition / Ingredients / Additives:
Composition: Beer and mineral yeast
Ingredients: Crude protein 45.0%, crude ash 9.0%, crude fat 3.7%, moisture 5.5% Additives per kg: Biotin 1,500,000mcg (= 5mg per Tbl.)