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Canina Garlic Tablets Vet. For dogs

- Garlic stimulates the appetite, is odorless for humans and is readily consumed by your dog
- Garlic can prevent the risk of a tick bite
- The allicin in garlic has an antibacterial effect
- Prevents signs of aging and increases motivation
- contains the essentials Amino acids lysine (3%) and methionine (0.5%)

Note on the alleged toxicity of garlic in dogs by Mrs. Krukemeyer (veterinarian):
I and all other colleagues have never come across garlic poisoning for over 20 years as a veterinarian. According to the latest scientific findings, garlic is significantly less toxic to dogs than normal kitchen onions: Here, poisoning should only occur from 40g per 1kg dog, i.e. 1.4kg (!) Onions for a 35kg dog per day. In the case of garlic, the toxic dose should therefore be significantly higher. Who feeds their dog kilos of garlic? It is the same as always: stick to the dosage, avoid overdosing. Then the garlic can only help, not harm.

The veterinary toxicological institute of the University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Nägeli) thinks the following: Feeding garlic can have a positive effect on the health of dogs. A dose of 4 grams per medium-sized dog per day of the fresh clove of garlic is recommended! Again, no veterinarian has ever had to treat garlic poisoning. However, I would not feed dogs fresh garlic cloves, but rather correctly dosed and correctly concentrated supplementary food such as garlic powder or tablets from Canina pharma.

CANINA garlic tablets for dogs Feeding
recommendation per animal and day: 1 teaspoon of powder per 10kg body weight

CANINA garlic tablets for dogs Composition / Ingredients:
Composition: Garlic, yeast, fish meal, seaweed
Ingredients: 35.8% crude protein, 24.5% crude ash, 6.2% crude fat, 0.7% crude fiber, 0.5% methionine, 3% lysine

Complementary feed for dogs

Garlic smell against ticks and vermin!

  • Canina's garlic is a purely natural product
  • the amino acids methionine and lysine form an odor component that is unpleasant for vermin
  •  prevents age-related complaints and increases performance
  • is odorless for humans
  • tasty for the dog
  • appetizing

garlic, 13% yeast, fish meal, seaweed

CANINA garlic tablets for dogs Composition:
35.8% crude protein, 24.5% crude ash, 6.2% crude fat, 0.7% crude fiber

Feed physiological analytical components per kg:
3.0% lysine, 0.5% methionine

CANINA garlic tablets for dogs Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
1 tablet per 10 kg body weight, a maximum of 4 tablets.

The given feeding recommendation must not be exceeded.