CANOSAN chewable tablets vet. 30 pc best joint supplement for dogs

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Canosan ® - dog best joint supplement for dogs

supplementary feed to regulate and stabilize the joint and connective tissue metabolism .

Canosan is a supplementary feed for the musculoskeletal system that was specially developed for the regulation, stabilization and regeneration of connective tissue structures in the joint. The valuable component Gonex® contains active GLME (green-lipped mussel extract) and is rich in various glucosaminoglycans, polyunsaturated fatty acids and special glycogen complexes. These promote the joint metabolism and benefit cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules.

Whether as a preventive measure, during growth, as a support in times of increased stress or to accompany therapy - Canosan ensures mobility by supplying the cartilage and keeps dogs and cats moving.

Name of the feed:
Canosan supplementary feed for dogs.
yeast, green-lipped mussel extract, vegetable protein extracts (lupine, sunflower, rosemary).

CANOSAN best joint supplement for dogs Ingredients:

protein 24% crude
ash 10%
crude fat 2%
crude fiber <1%

Colored with chlorophyll-copper complex (E141).

One Canosan chewable tablet contains at least 280 mg Gonex from Perna canaliculus.

CANOSAN best joint supplement for dogs Feeding recommendation:
up to 10 kg body weight: 1/2 chewable tablet per day
up to 20 kg body weight: 1 chewable tablet per day
up to 30 kg body weight: 1 1/2 chewable tablets per day
> 30 kg body weight: 2 chewable tablets per day

The corresponding amount of Canosan chewable tablets can be used as a daily reward or mixed with normal feed.

Storage information:
Store in a dry place and at temperatures below 30 ° C. best joint supplement for dogs