CANPOL EasyStart manual breast pump (manual) 1 piece


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  • CANPOL EasyStart manual breast pump (manual) is an extremely convenient and easy to use product that allows draining the excess milk from the breasts. The thus it promotes and regulates lactation.

The product has the form of a manual breast pump, designed to support and process control lactation. Its mechanism of action is modeled on two modes pumping. The first is to stimulate the process of lactation and milk flow from the breast. The second one is a deep pulling, similar to slower and deeper sucking child. Adjusts suction, allowing you to tailor it to individual needs. With manual operation is more discreet than in the case of breast pump power.Equipped with silicone overlay massage, which increases the convenience and comfort during downloading food. It is extremely easy folding and washing, which ensures hygiene use. Food can be pulled all bottles brand Canapol.

It is recommended to use a breast pump for pumping excess breast milk of nursing mothers.

How to use:
Apply externally, according to the attached instructions. Before use, wash the pump (once a day boil it). Wash your hands and wipe a warm, damp towel chest. Product place it on the breast in such a way that the nipple is placed centrally in the funnel systematically pull on the handle and withdrawing actuating piston food. This procedure must be repeated with the other breast.