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CAPHOSOL mouthwash 15ml x 60 vials (30A + 30B)


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  • CAPHOSOL mouthwash is a product that shows strong moisturizing properties and soothes dryness. It disinfects the mucous membrane and protects against the appearance of inflammation.

Dibasic sodium phosphate - 0.032, sodium phosphate monobasic - 0.009, calcium chloride - 0.052, sodium chloride - 0.569, distilled water qs (% by weight).

The preparation contains calcium and phosphate ions, which due to regular use have a positive effect on the condition of the oral mucosa, tongue and esophagus. It is characterized by moisturizing effect, thanks to which it relieves symptoms of dryness of various origins. Disinfects and supports prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory conditions of the mucosa (caused for example by radiotherapy or chemotherapy). It removes discomfort associated with dryness and at the same time relieves pain.

- allergy to the ingredients of the preparation

The liquid is intended to be used to promote oral hygiene. Indicated in the case of excessive dryness of the oral mucosa and esophagus of various etiology. It is recommended to use the fluid also as part of the prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory conditions of the mucous membrane (caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy).

Directions for use:
Apply topically, for mouthwash. Before use, mix the contents of blue (A) and transparent disposable container (B) in a clean glass. Then with the solution obtained (using half of it), rinse the mouth for about 60 seconds. Then spit out and repeat the operation with the rest of the solution. Repeat x 4-10 / 24h.