CARDUUS MARIANUS, Yucca filamentosa drops

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Registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore no indication of a therapeutic indication. If symptoms of illness persist during use, please seek medical advice.

Registered homeopathic medicinal products do not state an area of ​​application. They are individually selected for you by your doctor or naturopath according to the homeopathic drug pictures. The drug pictures of the individual components can provide information on the direction of action of the complex drug.

Please let your homeopathically experienced doctor, naturopath or pharmacist inform you!

From 1 year, lactose-free

10 g (= 10.8 ml) contain:
Carduus marianus Ø 2.5 g
Bryonia Dil. D3 1.2g
Berberi's dil. D4 1.5 g
cholesterolum dil. D4 1.2 g
Yucca filamentosa dil. D2 1.5 g
Atropinum sulfuricum dil. D4 1.0 g
Lycopodium dil. D6 0.6 g

Excipient: ethanol 43% (w/w)

Contains 52% alcohol by volume.

Homeopathic medicinal product for use in adults and children over 1 year old.

active CARDUUS MARIANUS, Yucca filamentosa ingredients

  • 250 mg Silybum marianum mother tincture
  • 120 mg Bryonia D3
  • 150 mg Berberis vulgaris D4
  • 120 mg cholesterol D4
  • 150 mg Yucca filamentosa D2
  • 100 mg Atropinum sulfuricum D6
  • 60 mg Lycopodium clavatum D6

CARDUUS MARIANUS, Yucca filamentosa excipients

  • ethanol

What Carduus Marianus Similiaplex® R is and what it is used for
Carduus Marianus Similiaplex® R is a registered homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.

If symptoms of illness persist during use, please seek medical advice.

How should Carduus Marianus Similiaplex® R be used?
Always use the medicine exactly as instructed in the package leaflet. Please ask your homeopathically experienced therapist or pharmacist if you are not quite sure.

Unless otherwise prescribed:
take 10-15 drops 3 to 6 times a day. Children and sensitive patients should take the medicine diluted with a little water.

What Carduus Marianus Similiaplex® R, Yucca filamentosa contains:
The active ingredients are: 10 g (= 10.8 ml) contain: Carduus marianus Ø 2.5 g, Bryonia Dil. D3 1.2 g, Berberis dil. D4 1.5 g, cholesterolum dil. D4 1.2 g, Yucca filamentosa dil. D2 1.5 g, Atropinum sulfuricum dil. D6 1.0 g, Lycopodium dil. D6 0.6g. Constituents 2-7 together potentized over the last level.

The other ingredients CARDUUS MARIANUS, Yucca filamentosa are:
ethanol 43% (m/m). Contains 52% alcohol by volume. 1 g Carduus Marianus Similiaplex® R corresponds to 45 drops.

silybum marianum benefits:

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is an herbal supplement used to treat liver and biliary disorders. Silymarin, a mixture of flavanoid complexes, is the active component that protects liver and kidney cells from toxic effects of drugs, including chemotherapy.

Bryonia benefits:

Bryonia, also called bryony, is a plant-based homeopathic remedy that's been used to relieve constipation, upset stomach, and fluid retention. It's also been used to treat chronic conditions such as arthritis, cancer, and liver disease.

Berberis vulgaris benefits:

In Ayurveda, it is traditionally used to cure various infections of eye, ear and mouth, to lose weight, to heal wounds quickly, to cure piles and hemorrhoids, to treat dysentery, indigestion, uterine and vaginal disorders as well as to treat snake or Scorpion bite as an antidote.

Yucca filamentosa benefits:

The root of the non-flowering plant is used to make medicine. Yucca is used for osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, inflammation of the intestine (colitis), high cholesterol, stomach disorders, diabetes, and liver and gallbladder disorders.

Atropinum sulfuricum benefits:

Uses - Helps promote and maintain natural resistance to stress and normal energy levels. Helps promote and maintain natural resistance to stress and normal energy levels.

Lycopodium clavatum benefits:

It also reduces gastric inflammation, simplifies digestion, and helps in treatments of chronic kidney disorders. Several studies support the analgesic, antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, and hepato-protective activity of Lycopodium clavatum.