Care APTEO powder-free, nitrile gloves diagnostic XL x 150 units

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  • Nitrile gloves. Product obligatory in every doctor's office and diagnostics. Diagnostic gloves, nitrile powder-free Apteo Care will also be useful in the home as a protection for the hand when performing household chores.

gloves and protective diagnostic Apteo Care may be used as protection against low risk suitable for medical procedures. Gloves provide excellent tactility and security, anti-slip enable good grip also in wet environment. Gloves have a length of less than 270mm. They do not contain powder, which eliminates the risk of skin irritation.

Apteo Care powder-free, nitrile gloves diagnostic recommended for use in ambulatory testing, diagnosis, and also to act as therapeutic agents and to work with the material septic.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Disposable product.

Method of use:
Use as intended.