CARMOLIS solution with 10 alpine herbs 80ml.

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CARMOLIS solution with 10 alpine herbs Suitable for:

• flu and colds

• sore throat and cough

• gastrointestinal disorders

• nausea, gas, heaviness in the stomach

• loss of appetite

• tension, nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbances

• nausea on the road

• migraine

• trigeminal neuralgia

• herpes infection

• periodontitis, stomatitis

• headache

• itchy skin

• insect bites

• muscle and limb pain

In 1611, in Paris, monks, relying on the power of nature, revealed the wonderful secret of medicinal plants and created the recipe for Carmelite essence.

From the traditional knowledge of the healing powers of the carmelite essence, the recipe of Carmolis originated. These healing drops, appreciated by many generations, contain beneficial active substances from 10 medicinal plants.

Anise. It has a swelling effect on the mucous membrane when coughing and relieving gas.

Cinnamomi cassiae. Cassia oil, which has been known for centuries in Asian folk medicine as a remedy for stomach ailments, is extracted from the leaves of the Chinese cinnamon tree.

Lavender. It has a calming effect on the nerves and is used for headaches, sleep disturbances, stomach aches and bile pains.

Cloves. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach. It is also used for toothache.

Mint. Stimulating and antispasmodic effect on the digestive system. Recommended for gastrointestinal catarrh and colic. Externally it has a cooling and antiseptic effect.

Horse basil. For catarrh and stomach complaints, as well as inflammation of the gums and throat.

Thyme. Beneficial effect for colds, coughs and gastrointestinal diseases.

Lemon. Strongly aromatic lemon oil is extracted from the peels of ripe fruits. Its refreshing aroma is especially important for external use.

Lemon balm. Stimulating, strengthening the heart and antispasmodic. Lemon balm calms the nerves and stimulates irrigation.

Muscat. Nutmeg is used in the culinary arts - it improves digestion and also has a soothing effect.

CARMOLIS solution with 10 alpine herbs Indications for use:


• respiratory diseases.


• gastrointestinal disorders - nausea, heaviness in the epigastrium, flatulence;

• loss of appetite,

• tension, irritability, sleep disturbances, meteoropathy, vegetative manifestations during menopause;

• travel sickness

On the skin:

• pain in the muscles and limbs in rheumatoid arthritis, lumbago, sciatica;

• headache;

• itchy skin from insect bites.

CARMOLIS solution with 10 alpine herbs Composition:

100g CARMOLIS contain 1720mg menthol, 860mg essential oils (thyme, anise, cassia, clove, lemon, lavender, spike, Indian balm-mint, sage, nutmeg), 172mg spirit of balm-mint, 61,550mg ethanol 94% w / w ( = 96% v / v), 35,698mg purified water.
Contains 64% by volume of alcohol.

Oral administration of CARMOLIS is contraindicated in bile duct obstruction, cholecystitis, liver disease and ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract. In case of cholelithiasis CARMOLIS should be taken with special care.
CARMOLIS should not be used in children under 12 years of age!
Due to the alcohol content CARMOLIS should not be given to patients with liver disease, alcoholics, epileptics, patients with organic brain damage, pregnant or lactating women.

CARMOLIS solution with 10 alpine herbs Dosage:

The usual dose is up to 5 times a day 10-20 drops on sugar, in hot tea or water. When applied externally, CARMOLIS is applied several times a day on the painful area.

Inhalations, 20 drops of CARMOLIS are added to hot water or tea, then the vapors are inhaled and drunk.

Dosage for special applications
For flatulence, feeling of heaviness in the epigastrium, digestive disorders : 10-20 drops of CARMOLIS are taken with hot tea, water or sugar.
In case of nervous sleep disorders : 10-20 drops of CARMOLIS are taken before going to bed with a cup of tea or sweetened hot water.
Travel diseases: In case of nausea, a few drops of CARMOLIS on sugar have a calming and relaxing effect.
In case of tension: 3-20 times a day 10-20 drops of CARMOLIS on sugar or in tea.
Cold: Up to 5 times a day 10-20 drops of CARMOLIS on sugar or in tea.
Headache: In addition to oral administration of CARMOLIS drops to rub into the forehead, temples and neck.
For limb pain : the painful areas are smeared daily with CARMOLIS, then warmed.
In diseases of the respiratory tract : 20 drops of CARMOLIS are placed in hot water, inhaling the vapors, or in hot tea, after which the tea is drunk. Rubbing CARMOLIS into the chest and back before going to bed causes a significant improvement in breathing.
Itchy skin, insect bites : Cover the affected areas with CARMOLIS without rubbing.
Keep out of reach of small children.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.