Castagnus x 30 tablets, irregular periods

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Castagnus x 30 tablets, irregular periods

  • Irregular periods. Indications for use Castagnus are: menstrual cycle (menstruation and menstrual cycle due to temporary or permanent hypothyroidism corpus luteum, manifested by excessive bleeding.

Irregular periods Castagnus Composition:
Agni casti fructus extr. SICC. 45 mg
Massa Tabula. (Solani amylum, lactosum, Polyvidonum, magbesii stearas) ad 200 mg.

Irregular periods Castagnus Action: Tablets Castagnus by stimulating dopaminergic receptors reduce the level of prolactin secreted by the pituitary gland, causing regression of disorders caused by hyperprolactinemia: premenstrual syndrome and disorders of the menstrual cycle.

Irregular periods Castagnus Indications: Disorders of the menstrual cycle ( menstruation and menstrual cycle due to a temporary or permanent deficiency of the corpus luteum, manifested by excessive bleeding or irregular additional bleeding in the cycle). breast tenderness (painful swelling of breast cancer). premenstrual syndrome (i.e., symptoms appear shortly before the menstruation manifestations: soreness and a feeling of swelling breast disorders emotional balance, migraine headaches, swelling surrounding the face, hands and feet).

Irregular periods Castagnus Dosage: Oral, adult women weighing 60 kg 1 tablet and women weighing more than 60 kg 2 tablets, in the morning, for 90 days.