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Castor oil with vitamin E with applicator


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Castor oil with vitamin E with applicator 30 ml

Castor oil for cosmetic purposes with the addition of vitamin E, enclosed in a convenient package with a practical applicator, making the use of castor oil extremely simple and convenient.

Castor oil strengthens hair bulbs, making them intensively nourished from the roots. It optically thickens and lengthens the hair along its entire length, giving it shine, making it look healthy and radiant. The product improves hair pigmentation, but also its condition - the hair appears thicker and is softer to the touch. The product also has a beneficial effect on the eyebrows.

Castor oil has a beneficial effect on nails and the cuticles around them. It prevents the nail plate from splitting and strengthens them, making them less brittle. Additionally, it provides the appropriate level of lubrication to nails and cuticles, which makes them more flexible and durable. It supports their growth by providing them with numerous nutrients. Castor oil has a regenerating effect on nails, which is especially important in the case of a nail plate damaged by hybrid manicure.

The product can be used on the skin of the entire body because it has caring, regenerative and moisturizing properties. Vitamin E contained in the preparation has additional care effects. Thanks to its nutritional properties, it has a beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails.

How to use

Using the applicator, take a portion of the product and apply to hair, skin or nails. The use of massage during application to hairy skin improves microcirculation, which stimulates hair follicles.


Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Tocopherol.