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Cat dog digestive system


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Amylan AD Preparation supporting the functioning of the digestive system for dogs and cats, 30 tablets


Cat dog digestive system:

Supplementary food for dogs and cats that compensates for digestive disorders.
Tasty complementary food Amylan Ad is a product intended for feeding dogs and cats. Specially selected ingredients help maintain appropriate digestive processes. The food is recommended primarily for pancreatic health problems. It is perfect for animals that often suffer from digestive problems. The advantage of the product is the convenient form of tablets, which make it easier to maintain the correct dosage. One package of Amylan Ad contains 30 capsules that should be administered before feeding. The number of tablets should depend on the number of meals consumed by the pet.

Indications Cat dog digestive system

Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. Chronic pancreatitis. Secondary pancreatic insufficiency resulting from diarrhea or diseases of the large intestine, manifested by emaciation. Syndrome of impaired digestion and absorption. Excessive amount of food.

Contraindications and precautions

Acute pancreatitis or exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

Action Cat dog digestive system

Amylan is a preparation containing digestive enzymes. Their rapid release in the duodenum supports the digestion of food. Lipase acts at the boundary of the water and fat phases of fat droplets formed in the digestive tract by mechanically shaking the food. Breaks down fats into glycerol and fatty acids. Amylase belongs to enzymes from the group of hydrolases that catalyze the breakdown of starch into dextrins, maltose and glucose. Protease breaks down proteins into peptides and amino acids. In the case of digestive disorders characterized by accelerated intestinal transit (e.g. diarrhea), nutrients are excreted before they are broken down by digestive juices. Administration of the preparation allows for better digestion of food.

Use Cat dog digestive system

Tablets should be administered before a meal. If the animal receives more than one meal a day, the dose should be divided into as many parts as there are meals. After observing significant improvement, the dose should be reduced over a period of 7 days. If pancreatic insufficiency persists, a maintenance dose should be administered with simultaneous monitoring of digestive capacity in order to progressively reduce the dose.
- Cats and small dogs 1 tablet/day,
- Medium-sized dogs 2 tablets/day,
- Large dogs 3 tablets/day.