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catheter SPEEDICATH Flex Set Man Ch 12

Coloplast GmbH

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catheter SPEEDICATH Flex Set Man Ch 12

Pack size:30 pcs Dosage form:catheter

catheter SPEEDICATH Flex Set Man Ch 12:


Size: 12 Ch, length: 45 cm, tip: ball, category: disposable catheter with bag, volume: not specified

  • Manufacturer: Coloplast
  • Size: 12 Ch
  • Length: 45cm
  • Tip: ball
  • Version: Hydrophilic coated
  • Ready to use: Yes
  • Category: Disposable catheter with bag
  • Volume: not specified
  • Backstop: No
  • Suitable for: men
  • Product line: SpeediCath Flex

SpeediCath® Flex for Men is an all-in-one solution with a soft catheter that features Triple Action Coating Technology, an external dry protective film, a flexible ball tip and an integrated external dry bag.

catheter SPEEDICATH Flex Set Man Ch 12, Features SpeediCath® Flex Set

The SpeediCath Flex Set contains all the advantages of the SpeediCath Flex. The catheter is now also available as a set. The Triple Action Coating Technology and the flexible ball tip minimize friction and therefore ensure gentle insertion .

It also reduces the risk of urethral injury and urinary tract infection* - this is particularly important for anyone who catheterizes an average of 5 times a day.** The catheter's dry protective film on the outside and the soft handle also support contact-free catheterization .

The new bag, which is dry on the outside, is easy to open and empty, so that the contents do not get on your hands or clothing even after catheterization.

*Compared to uncoated catheters.

** According to the calculation based on the EAUN guidelines, an adult user is recommended to catheterize 4 to 6 times per day . If an adult catheterizes themselves 5 times a day for 365 days, this results in approximately 1,825 catheterizations per year.

Significant catheter SPEEDICATH Flex Set Man Ch 12 advantages


After use, the catheter can be closed again by bringing the two turquoise handles together. The catheter can then be placed back into the packaging. This can be resealed and then disposed of cleanly and hygienically.

  • Always gentle and slippery
  • Flexible and hygienic
  • Easy to use - anywhere, whether at home or on the go