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pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:chewing gum

The sugar-free oral care chewing gum with zinc, fluoride and xylitol provides premium breath. For fresh breath in between • Patented chewing gum Faster • Freshness effect • Perfect for on the go • Sugar -free Much more than just chewing gum.

In nine out of ten cases, bad breath develops in the oral cavity, because bacteria in the mouth are usually involved. These bacteria are found between the teeth, in the gum pockets and in the indentations on the tongue, especially in the back third. They form so-called volatile sulfur compounds, which are of course not dangerous, but can cause embarrassing situations in professional and private life. Many people feel unsafe when they open their mouths in front of other people. This can be awkward, especially in situations where you can get very close -- for example, in a business meeting or on a date. Fighting bad breath starts with good oral hygiene. If you also want to do something to freshen your breath, opts for CB12 Boost chewing gum. It is a special, sugar-free chewing gum with patented technology and the triple action of zinc, sodium fluoride and xylitol. In addition, CB12 Boost provides a cool and refreshing mint or eucalyptus taste. CB12 Boost chewing gum can be used throughout the day as a supplement to CB12 mouthwash. They are the perfect breath freshener that fits in any pocket.

CB12 mouthwash boost eucalyptus chewing gum Triple action
formula CB12 Boost chewing gum contains the triple action formula of zinc, fluoride and xylitol in a patented technology.

Zinc reduces volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) that cause bad breath. Fluoride helps maintain tooth mineralization for strong teeth. Xylitol helps slow down plaque build-up.

The intense refreshing mint and eucalyptus flavor also ensures fresh breath. Of course, CB12 Boost is sugar-free. The CB12 Boost Eucalyptus White also contains sodium hydrogen carbonate and calcium carbonate, which promote tooth whitening.

CB12 Boost can be taken anywhere in a handy blister pack of 10 gums and is only available in pharmacies. CB12 Boost offers protection and fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

RECOMMENDATION CB12 mouthwash boost eucalyptus chewing gum FOR USE:
It is recommended to use up to 5 chewing gums daily. CB12 Boost can be used daily from the age of 12. LACK OF ORAL HYGIENE

Bacteria can grow on the leftover food that gets stuck between the teeth. Bacteria can also multiply in gum pockets and in the indentations on the tongue. These produce volatile, foul-smelling sulfur compounds and are therefore the most common cause of bad breath. Proper oral hygiene is important to prevent the spread of these bacteria. This includes brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. A mouthwash is also recommended for a lasting effect.


A diet low in carbohydrates or calories can cause an unpleasant acetone-like bad breath, known as “ketone or acetone breath”. It is caused by a metabolic process in which your body begins to use fat stores as an energy source instead of carbohydrates. Ketone breath can also occur when you are under-eating, such as when you are fasting or on a very low-calorie diet. The only long-term way to get rid of ketone breath is to change your diet, such as eating more carbohydrates in the form of whole-wheat bread, pasta, and brown rice. It is also helpful to drink plenty of water.


Dry mouth can also cause bad breath. This is because saliva helps clean the mouth and helps protect against bacterial build-up. Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of things, including dehydration, stress, certain illnesses, and medications. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, puberty and menopause can also lead to dry mouth and thus trigger bad breath. To improve dry mouth, it is recommended to drink water frequently during the day. Chewing gum – if possible sugar-free – also stimulates saliva production and counteracts dry mouth.

FREQUENT QUESTIONS CB12 mouthwash boost eucalyptus chewing gum & ANSWERS:
How does CB12 Boost chewing gum help with dry mouth?
In the case of dry mouth or xerostomia, as the medical term is, food residue and dead cells in the mouth are broken down by bacteria. Volatile sulfur compounds are formed, which cause unpleasant odors and thus unpleasant breath. In addition to good oral hygiene and drinking enough, chewing gum helps with dry mouth because it stimulates saliva production. However, this should be sugar-free, as sugar can promote tooth decay and bad breath. Xylitol, which is also found in CB12 Boost chewing gum, is a natural sugar substitute. It can reduce the growth of certain bacteria that cause bad breath. This also protects the teeth from plaque.

What are the different types of CB12 Boost chewing gum?
CB12 Boost chewing gum is available in 2 varieties:
CB12 Boost Strong Mint is a sugar-free chewing gum with patented technology and a quick freshness effect. It contains zinc to reduce volatile sulfur compounds, fluoride to help maintain tooth mineralization and xylitol to slow plaque build-up. CB12 Boost Strong Mint tastes intensely like mint. CB12 Boost Eucalyptus White is a sugar-free chewing gum with a whitening effect and patented technology. It ensures whiter teeth and pleasant breath. Compared to CB12 Boost Strong Mint, CB12 Boost Eucalyptus White also contains sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate, which promote teeth whitening, and tastes like eucalyptus.

Why is sugar bad for breath?
Sugar is the "favorite food" for gas-forming bacteria in the mouth. When these bacteria metabolize sugars, they release acid that contributes to the formation/development of tooth decay. Sugar also helps bacteria to multiply quickly and build plaque on teeth and gums, which promotes bad breath. Eating less sweets, sugary foods and drinks improves hygiene and contributes to fresh breath and healthy teeth.