cdVet defense concentrate dog, dogs 10 ml Repellent, insecticide

cdVet Natural Products GmbH

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Defense concentrate dog, dogs
Repellent, insecticide
cdVet Defense Concentrate for Dogs is a natural alternative to conventional methods of repelling and fighting insects (e.g. ticks, fleas).
Thanks to its combination of essential oils, cdVet Defense Concentrate meets all requirements for an alternative to the usual toxic insecticides. 
Defense concentrate dog, dogs Repellent, insecticide
• with the natural active ingredient of geranium and tea tree oil
• Protection against ticks, fleas and mites
• Relieves and protects reliably
• easy to use
• Active ingredients purely plant-based
• Long term protection
cdVet defense concentrate is suitable for dogs from 12 weeks and offers effective protection against pests.
Basic stabilization is achieved after 3 weeks of daily use, after which 1 - 2 times a week is sufficient. 
Defense concentrate dogs, dog, Repellent, insecticide Expert tip: When used all year round, cdVet Defense Concentrate offers optimal protection against fleas.
Defense concentrate dog, Repellent, insecticide Composition:
Melaleuca alternifolia Oil, Simmondsia chinensis Oil, Lavandula angustifolia Oil, Geranium Oil
Defense concentrate dog, dogs Repellent, insecticide Active ingredient:
Geraniol baua Reg No. N-47564, N-47639
Defense concentrate dog, dogs Repellent, insecticide Recommended use:
Massage 1 drop daily into each ear plug for three weeks or apply and massage one drop between the shoulder blades and at the base of the tail (directly on the skin). Once the basic stabilization has been achieved, it is sufficient to apply it once or twice a week
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Avoid eye contact!