cdVet Fit-BARF feed oil 1000 ml dog, cat

cdVet Natural Products GmbH

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cdVet Fit-BARF feed oil vet. 250 ml for dogs and cats

Fit-BARF feed oil
supplementary feed for dogs and cats

Fit-BARF feed oil is a purely natural base oil and mainly intended as an optimal energy carrier.

cdVet Fit – BARF feed oil is a mixture of high-quality cold-pressed vegetable oils. Cold-pressed linseed oil in food quality forms the basis of this purely natural feed oil. The added functional oils (evening primrose oil, wheat germ oil, pumpkin seed oil and argan oil) ensure an optimal, balanced supply of essential fatty acids. This combination of all-natural ingredients makes cdVet Fit-BARF feed-oil a highly concentrated energy donor and at the same time a source of exquisite oils in one product.