cdVet Fur & Skin Vital vet. 150 g feed for dogs and cats

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cdVet Fur & Skin Vital vet. feed for dogs and cats

Fell und Haut Vital Vet.

feed for dogs and cats For the needs-based feeding of animals with a tendency to coat and skin problems.

cdVet Fell & Haut Vital is a purely natural supplementary feed for intensive support with coat and skin problems. These are often the consequences of stress and deficiency situations as well as exposure to synthetic substances. 

cdVet Fell & Haut Vital consists of special herbs, yeasts, essential fatty acids, micronutrients, trace elements and vitamins for an optimal condition of the detoxification organs and support of the immune system. 

Herbs have nutritionally detoxifying, blood-purifying and metabolism-stimulating properties. To support the organism with dull and dry fur, hair breakage and loss, dandruff, itching, allergy-related problems and eczema.