cdVet MitesEx spray for dogs, cats 500 ml itching and pests

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Mitben Ex Vet. spray for dogs, cats, itching and pests, dog, cat

Areas of application:
cdVet Mitben-Ex is a natural care spray for cleaning the fur of substances that cause itching and pests.
It is particularly suitable for problem-oriented care in the event of mite infestation. 


cdVet MitesEx vet. for dogs, cats, itching and pests Recommendation for use:

Simply spray the affected areas of skin 1 - 2 times a day against the coat line and massage in if necessary.
Shake before use!

cdVet MitesEx vet. for dogs, cats, itching and pests Composition:
Active ingredient: 10.00% by weight p-menthane-3.8 diol (from the oil of Eucalyptus citriodora) baua Reg No. N35286

Expert tip :
Particularly suitable for cats, as cdVet Mitben-Ex does not contain any tea tree oil.
cdVet MitesEx vet. for dogs, cats, itching and pests Safety instructions:
Use only externally!
Store child-safe!
Apply only to intact skin!
Avoid eye contact!
Ensure adequate ventilation after use in the terrarium!
Must not be used in the vicinity of mite farms, as these can be destroyed.