CEBIONMULTI oral drops 10ml for use in infants and children multivitamins USA-UK


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  • CEBIONMULTI oral drops is a product for use in infants and children, which helps eye and bone mineralization. Shows antioxidant properties and is involved in the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats.

1 ml of solution (approx. 30 drops) contains: 5000 IU vitamin. A 1000 IU vitamin. D3, 4 mg wit. E, vitamin C 100 mg, 2 mg of vitamin B1, 800 micrograms wit. B2, 4 mg wit. B6, 30 mg niacin, 10 mg of dexpanthenol. Excipients: citric acid, sodium hydroxide, tocopherol, glycerol, macrogolglycerol ricinoleate, disodium phosphate dihydrate, butyl, saccharin sodium, purified water, the aroma of peach, orange oil.

Drops provide your body until 9 valuable components necessary for correct operation of the body. All but vitamin D are not produced endogenously. Vitamin E, C, B2 and nicotinamide involved in oxidative processes. Vitamin A and B2 support the effect of the eye and the process of view. Vitamin D3 supports mineralization of bone tissue and is responsible for regulating calcium and phosphate levels in the blood. Vitamin B2 and dexpanthenol are involved in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamin PP, dexpanthenol and vitamin B2 are involved in lipid metabolism and energy formation.

- allergic to ingredients
- hypercalcemia Indications: The drug should be used for prevention of vitamin deficits and to fill existing shortages. Especially recommended in the case of diseases (particularly chronic), and during active growth.