CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 Capsules

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CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 Capsules

✓ for the supportive treatment of macular degeneration
✓ supplies the photoreceptor cells with important nutrients
✓ enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper
✓ protects cells from oxidative stress
✓ targeted food supplement for the eye

CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 capsules: Secure your eyesight early on

Macular degeneration is an insidious disease of the macula, i.e. the yellow spot in the eye. It causes more and more photoreceptor cells to die, thereby impairing vision. CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 Capsules provide your body and your eyes with important omega-3 fatty acids. These are known for their positive effect on the eyesight. In addition, important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and copper offer optimal protection against oxidative stress on the visual cells. This is how you actively support your eagle eye.


Effectively counteract macular degeneration

The yellow spot or macula lutea is the central point on the retina in the eye where most of the photoreceptor cells are concentrated and where vision is sharpest. Information is immediately transmitted to the brain from this 1.5 mm 2 point. Central components of these cells and the retina are omega-3 fatty acids. CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 capsules provide them with these important nutrients in the event of an undersupply. These can also be balanced with a balanced diet. In this way, macular degeneration can be counteracted at an early stage.


CENTROVISION Macula Omega-3 capsules at a glance:

  • Dietary supplement to support the natural protective mechanisms of the eyes
  • contains vitamin E of plant origin
  • optimized amount of zinc
  • Extra portion of omega-3 fatty acids (high-quality raw material, Epax)
  • pleasant capsule size for swallowing
  • lactose and gluten free
  • suitable for smokers/ex-smokers


Recommended consumption of CENTROVISION Makula Omega-3 capsules:

Take twice a day, preferably with a meal, whole with plenty of liquid as follows:

  • Morning: 1 vitality capsule (brown capsule) and 1 omega-3 fatty acid capsule (transparent capsule)
  • Evening: 1 omega-3 fatty acid capsule (transparent capsule)



  • Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
  • Keep out of reach of small children.


Brown capsule: omega-3 fatty acid concentrate from fish oil, L-ascorbic acid, gelatine, fully hydrogenated coconut oil, coconut oil, lutein-rich extract of tagetes erecta, humectant: glycerin, zinc oxide, copper sulphate, zeaxanthin-rich extract of tagetes erecta, emulsifier: lecithins, coloring: Iron oxides and hydroxides.

transparent capsule: omega-3 fatty acid concentrate from fish oil, gelatine, humectant: glycerin, da-tocopherol.



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