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CERASCREEN ® Animal Hair Allergy Test

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The animal hair allergy test from cerascreen is a test kit for determining an allergy to skin flakes from dogs and epithelial cells from cats. The test is a self t that can be done at home. The test kit contains everything you need to take samples. After the sample has been sent free of charge to the certified, specialist diagnostic laboratory, the result can be called up after a few days. In addition to the result, customers receive helpful tips and recommendations for action.

What is an allergy?
Dogs and cats are among the most popular and therefore also the most common pets. For many, the pet is more of a member of the family than “just” an animal. But it is precisely in such cases that it is all the more difficult when the first symptoms appear. It is imperative to act quickly here. In the case of an allergy, our immune system “overreacts” because it responds to substances that are actually harmless. The body forms IgE antibodies when it comes into contact with an allergen (for example, skin flakes from dogs). The IgE antibodies are immunoglobulins, i.e. proteins that notice the penetration of foreign substances and are supposed to fight them. When combating the exogenous substances, they trigger the typical allergy reactions and symptoms. These usually occur immediately, a few seconds to two hours after contact with the allergen. For this reason, these allergies are of the immediate type. The allergy potential of cats is 60%, while that of dogs is only 30%. Of course, the allergy potential also depends on the breed of the animals, but researchers have not yet been able to explain why the differences between the animals are so great. Even within a species there are big differences. For example, the allergy potential of German shepherds is only 2%. An allergy to animal hair is one of the third most common allergies. But the name animal hair allergy is actually misleading. Because the trigger is not the animal's hair, but the allergens that are distributed over the hair. For example, urine, saliva, the skin flakes or epithelia of the animals are reacted. With the cerascreen tests, customers' blood is examined for an allergy to the skin flakes of dogs or the epithelia of cats.

Effects of pet hair allergies

  • Rash and other skin problems
  • Cough, respiratory problems
  • Shortness of breath up to allergic asthma
  • Drop in blood pressure up to and including allergic shock
  • sleep disorders

The pet hair allergy test consists of
  • detailed, illustrated instructions in which the test procedure and the online registration of the test are explained,
  • a blood collection set, consisting of a transport tube, blood collection tube, 2 lancets CE 0344, plaster, swab and disinfectant wipe,
  • a prepaid return envelope in which the blood sample is sent free of charge to the cerascreen laboratory,
  • an activation card with a test ID to register the test.

How does the pet hair allergy test work?
cerascreen tests are quick, easy and safe. Due to the latest laboratory analysis methods, we only need very little blood from the finger for the analysis (300 μl = 8 drops of blood). With the help of the blood collection set, a small blood sample is taken from the finger and sent to our diagnostic laboratory free of charge in the enclosed return envelope. There the reaction of the antibodies in the blood to the allergens is checked. The personal results report can be viewed a few working days later in your personal online customer area. In addition to a detailed evaluation of the test result, an individual recommendation for any necessary measures and dietary changes is given.

Who is the pet hair allergy test suitable for?
The cerascreen pet hair allergy test is suitable for all people who own a cat or a dog and are concerned that they have developed an allergy to them. If an allergy is left untreated, it can become increasingly severe over time and eventually become life-threatening. Therefore, it should first be clarified what the cause of the discomfort is before the beloved animal is given up. With a cerascreen test you will quickly get certainty. This test is also suitable for those considering getting a pet. Please note, however, that meaningful results will only be obtained if you have had regular contact with the animal for at least two weeks prior to the test.

All advantages at a glance
  • individual evaluation
  • developed by experts
  • safe and confidential
  • Analysis in the specialist laboratory
  • own, secure customer area
  • Personal advice