CERES Solidago, diuretic, diuretics, muscle spasm, joint pain (rheumatism), arthritis

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CERES Solidago comp.drops, diuretic, diuretics, muscle spasm, joint pain (rheumatism), arthritis

Solidago comp.
Goldenrod complex

Goldenrod complex benefits:

Goldenrod is used to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation), as a diuretic to increase urine flow, and to stop muscle spasms. It is also used for gout, joint pain (rheumatism), arthritis, as well as eczema and other skin conditions.

Composition / manufacturing instructions: 1
g contains:
400 mg Solidago virgaurea Ø
200 mg Equisetum arvense Ø
150 mg Urtica dioica Ø
150 mg Betula pendula Ø
100 mg Sambucus nigra Ø Package

size / content: 20

Homeopathic medicine.

active ingredients

  • 0.4 ml Solidago virgaurea mother tincture
  • 0.2 ml Equisetum arvense mother tincture
  • 0.15 ml Urtica dioica mother tincture
  • 0.15 ml Betula alba mother tincture
  • 0.1 ml Sambucus nigra mother tincture


  • 55% vol. ethanol

Homeopathic medicine