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CERUMEX MD Spray ears, ear cleaning


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CERUMEX MD Spray 30ml ears, ear cleaning

  • Ear cleaning. CERUMEX MD Spray the ears is a product that supports the self-cleaning process of the organ of hearing. It helps to dissolve the residual wax and remove it from the external auditory meatus.

Aqua, glycerin, sodium, bicarbonate Phenoxyethanol (and ethylhexylglicerin)

CERUMEX MD Spray ears, ear cleaning Action:
A medical device is intended for topical application. It consists of unique components, which are characterized by gentle and safe for health action. Support care and cleaning ears. Rozmiękczająco they operate on a wax plug and facilitate its eradication. Thanks to remove the effect of your ear and ear canal udrażniają.

It is recommended applying spray on the prevention of conductive hearing loss (which is the cause of retention of ear wax in the ear canal). It can be used in children, adults, and people of advanced age.

CERUMEX MD Spray ears, ear cleaning Dosage:
Apply topically. In the context of prevention used 1-2 times a week. Before first use, press the applicator 3-4 times (until the advent of the formulation).