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CETIRIZIN HEXAL cetirizine dihydrochloride for allergies

Hexal Inc

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Cetirizine dihydrochloride Cetirizin HEXAL ® for allergies, 10 mg film-coated tablets

Active substance: cetirizine dihydrochloride.
Indications: In adults and children over 6 years of age to relieve nasal and ocular symptoms associated with seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis and to relieve hives (urticaria). Warning: Contains lactose.

For risks and side effects, please read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist!
Mat. no.: 2/51013121 Status: November 2013
Hexal AG, 83607 Holzkirchen

Cetirizin HEXAL ® drops for allergies

Cetirizin HEXAL ®with allergies – severe with allergies

itching, runny nose, watery eyes or constant sneezing – allergies are tormenting and widespread. This is an allergic reaction of the body to rather harmless substances. Cetirizin HEXAL ® for allergies is a rapidly and strongly effective anti-allergic and is used for hay fever and itchy skin rashes*.
*to relieve urticaria (chronic urticaria)

Acts quickly and effectively against allergic symptoms
Cetirizin HEXAL ® in allergies
• alleviates the allergic symptoms of chronic urticaria, chronic allergic rhinitis and hay fever effectively from the inside.
• is already effective within half an hour after ingestion.
• is well tolerated and suitable as juice or drops for children from the age of 2 years.

Allergy – an overreaction of the body
In the case of an allergy, the immune system reacts inappropriately violently to rather harmless substances such as animal hair or, in the case of hay fever, to pollen.

The body tries to capture these “invaders” and render them harmless. If "invaders" are caught, messenger substances such as histamine are released.

These trigger small inflammations and widen the blood vessels. Depending on where this happens, there are different allergy symptoms such as itching, sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes or skin reactions.

Typical allergic reactions of the skin to allergens with which it has either come into direct contact or which have entered the body through food are itching, reddening, rashes or wheals.

Allergens that enter the body through the air, such as animal hair or dust mite excretions, often trigger an allergic cold. The nasal mucosa swells, the nose gets blocked, starts to run and itches.

It is typical of hay fever that it worsens during the pollen season when the weather is nice, especially during the day. Prolonged rainfall, on the other hand, leads to an improvement in the symptoms. Common symptoms are a runny, itchy nose, sneezing and red, watery eyes.


How to take Cetirizin HEXAL ® in case of allergies?
The duration of intake depends on the type, duration and course of your symptoms and will be determined by your doctor.

Can Cetirizin HEXAL ® be given to allergies during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Taking Cetirizin HEXAL ®in case of allergies should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation and only after consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

What should be considered when taking Cetirizin HEXAL ® in the case of allergies?
Avoid taking Cetirizin HEXAL ® at the same time if you have allergies and alcohol.

Cetirizine should not be used:
• if you have severe kidney disease.
• if you are allergic to cetirizine dihydrochloride or piperazine derivatives.

Please ask your doctor for advice:
• if you suffer from impaired kidney function.
• if you have difficulty urinating.
• if you have epilepsy or are at risk of convulsions.
• if you take other medicines in addition to Cetirizin HEXAL ® for allergies.