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Chamomilla cupro culta radix d3 Rh


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CHAMOMILLA CUPRO culta Radix Rh D 3 Dilution

Pack size:20ml Dosage form:Dilution


Chamomilla Cupro culta, Radix Rh D3 mixture

Homeopathic medicine

Active Chamomilla cupro culta radix d3 ingredients

  • 1 ml Chamomilla cupro culta, radix Rh D3


Chamomilla cupro culta radix d3 ingredients


  • Water, purified

Chamomilla, Radix, Decoctum D3
Liquid dilution for injection.

Homeopathic medicinal product, therefore without a therapeutic indication.

If there is no improvement in the symptoms of Chamomilla, Radix, Decoctum D3 Liquid Dilution for Injection while using the drug, medical advice should be sought.

Unless otherwise prescribed, inject 1 ml subcutaneously 2 - 3 times a week to once a day.

The subcutaneous injection is usually carried out in the thigh or the outside of the upper arm or in the abdominal region. After cleaning the injection site (e.g. by rubbing with 70% alcohol), form a fold of skin and insert the injection needle at an angle. Pull back the syringe plunger slightly.

If blood appears, a blood vessel has been hit. In this case, repeat the injection at another location. If no blood appears, inject slowly, then pull out the needle and briefly press the injection site with a swab.

In any case, it is recommended that you learn the injection technique from a person who is experienced in it.

1 ampoule contains: Active ingredient: Chamomilla recutita, Radix, Decoctum Dil. D3 (HAB, V. 23b) 1 ml.

Isotonized with sodium chloride.