CHI PADS Tangerine tree vinegar foot reflexology pads

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CHI PADS Tangerine tree vinegar foot reflexology pads

Tangerine Tree Vinegar Chi Pads Directions:

There are small, flat skin pads called chi pads available for purchase. They are soaked in the tangerine tree vinegar. One sticks 1 pad on the sole of each foot in the evening, where the tangerine tree vinegar then influences the foot reflex zones overnight. Toxins and acids are discharged through the soles of the feet, as is the case with a foot bath.

According to Korean custom, an all-round treatment with tangerine tree vinegar looks like this: leave the pads on the soles of your feet for at least 7 hours for 5 nights. Then you take a 3-day break and then go back to bed with Chi-Pads for 5 nights. Take another 3 day break and then sleep with the pads for another 5 nights.

During the first few nights, the small, flat cushions of tree vinegar turn black: These are the toxins and acids that have been drawn out of the body through the soles of the feet. In China and Korea, the soles of the feet are considered the "second heart" and the "third and fourth kidneys". That is why it makes so much sense that the tangerine tree vinegar has a targeted effect on the organism from here.

In Asia, the small cushions with tangerine tree vinegar have been given the name "Chi Pads". For a very logical reason: Chi is the positive flow of life energy. For internal use, there are also capsules with tangerine tree vinegar. You take them parallel to the cure with the pads.

CHI PADS Tangerine tree vinegar foot reflexology pads:


  • Mandarin tree vinegar has antibacterial and antiviral properties, so it can protect against infections, especially now in the cold season against colds.
  • The tree vinegar stimulates the entire digestion.
  • You can relieve stress. In fact, the exact mechanism in our body has been proven: mandarine tree vinegar reduces and slows down the effect of the substance epinephrine, which is increasingly formed in the body in stressful situations.
  • The lymph flow is decisively improved.
  • Fatigue and low spirits can be magically banished. The tangerine tree vinegar provides new vitality and joie de vivre. It can also be used against autumn and winter depression.
  • The tangerine tree vinegar stimulates blood formation.
  • But it also strengthens the middle abdominal region.

For CHI PADS Tangerine tree vinegar foot reflexology pads risks and side effects, read the leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.