CHICCO NaturalFeeling manual breast pump + Breast pads x 60 pieces


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CHICCO NaturalFeeling manual breast pump + Breast pads. Nowadays, mothers cannot imagine life without a breast pump. The Chicco NaturalFeeling manual breast pump has excellent parameters, which is now available in a set with practical Antibacterial breast pads.

In the set:
breast pump, NaturalFeeling bottle 0m + 150ml, hermetic cap, NaturalFeeling teat for 0m + bottle, breast pump stand, breast pads: 60 pieces.

CHICCO NaturalFeeling manual breast pump + Breast pads Action:
The Chicco manual breast pump is easy to use, provides quick and gentle pumping, for which the innovative Chicco system is responsible. The part of the device that directly touches the breast is made of soft silicone with a pleasant texture. The ergonomic handle makes the breast pump easy and effortless to use. Importantly, the device fits all bottles from the Chicco NaturalFeeling and Chicco WellBeing bottles. Special Antibacterial Breast Pads are included in the set. First of all, they protect underwear against leaking food. However, thanks to the soft fabric from which they were made, they bring relief to irritated nipples, and the antibacterial coating prevents the growth of bacteria and accelerates the healing process. The inserts are thin, so they don't stand out under the clothes, and also breathable, which means that wearing them is very comfortable for a woman. There is also no fear that the insert will slide, because each has a special fixing patch.

CHICCO NaturalFeeling manual breast pump + Breast pads Application:
Chicco Manual NaturalFeeling breast pump recommended for mothers for expressing milk. Breast pads recommended for use as protection for irritated nipples and underwear protection against soiling.

Additional information: The product should be kept out of reach of children at room temperature.

Usage: The breast pump should be used in accordance with the instructions on the information leaflet.