CHICCO Set of tooth brushes for teeth and teeth 6m +


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  • You need to take care of your child's teeth before they grow up, so you should have the right tools. The Chicco toothbrush and toothbrush set will keep your mouth well hygienic from the age of six months.

In the set:
Toothbrush: 1 piece; Toothbrush: 1 piece.

Proper oral hygiene from the first months of life will reduce the risk of later problems. For comprehensive hygiene will allow you to take care of the set of tooth brushes and teeth Chicco brand. The first brush is used to clean the gums, has a small, slightly rounded head equipped with massaging tabs. The tabs are made of soft rubber and are a real relief for irritated gums, especially during teething. A special cover protects against too deep insertion of the toothbrush. It is safe, so the child can use it himself, thanks to which he makes the habit of daily brushing. The toothbrush also has a small head, a narrow neck and extremely soft bristles, additionally the fibers are slightly tapered. It perfectly cleanses the milkweed and cares for the gums. Ergonomic, The non-slip handle ensures good grip of both the child and the parent. An additional facility is the marked place for the thumb.

Chicco A set of toothbrush brushes and teeth for oral hygiene, suitable for children over 6 months of age.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.