Chinese acupuncture bubble gum x 4 pieces


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  • High quality Chinese acupuncture bubble gum is a product that is strong, unbreakable, easy to use and kept clean. Bubbles can be used on different parts of the body without the risk of detachment.

Rubber acupuncture bubbles are a product that is safer and easier to use than traditional bubbles. Indigestible bubbles are excellent for alleviating pain of different aetiology, as well as alleviating symptoms of colds. Bubbles can be used for massage. The plastic material of the bubble makes it possible to adjust the suction power of the product and guarantees good traction regardless of where the bulb is applied, even when moving. Due to its varied size (diameter: 3cm, 4.5cm, 6cm, 7cm) can be used in children and adults. The product is easy to keep clean, resistant to damage.

Chinese acupuncture bubble rubber recommended as an alternative to fire bubbles in various diseases and disorders, including: flu, cold and other infections, asthma, hypertension, insomnia, motion sickness, abdominal pain, vomiting, abdominal bloating, diarrhea teeth, neck and neck, cellulite, psoriasis, joint sprains, "root" inflammation, arthralgia.

Additional information:
Store at room temperature, away from direct sources of heat and sunlight.

Do not use bubbles in the case of blood clotting, subcutaneous, and edema caused by bruising or twisting before the end of the day from injury. Do not put large bubbles on the stomach in pregnant women, do not use large aspiration. Do not use bubbles near blades, spine, nipples, apes, stomach and abdomen in the gauntlets and young children.

How to use:
Bubbles are placed in symmetrically located acupuncture points. Hold the bubble edges with your index and middle fingers, and thumbs to press the top. The pressure on the bubble determines the degree of sucking the bubble. Higher suction pressure is used in adults and in muscular parts of the body, and lower in children and non-lean areas. To remove the bubble, gently press the skin around the bubble so that air enters the interior. Bubbles put every 2 days, for 15-20 minutes. One series is a maximum of 10 treatments. There should be a weekly break between the series. Bubbles can also be used for massage. Before the massage, lubricate the skin with olive oil, suck the bubble, and slide over the surface of the skin.