CHIPS expectorant x 16 pieces, licorice root


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  • CHIPS expectorant is a product that supports the treatment of catarrhal respiratory tract, relieving coughing and facilitating expectoration.

1 tablet contains: active substances: guaiacolsulfonate - 200 mg dry extract of licorice root - 10 mg. excipients: sucrose, glucose liquid, dextrose monohydrate, honey, citric acid monohydrate, flavoring, eucalyptus, anise flavoring.

The preparation belongs to the broad category of agents characterized by a complex composition. It contains honey antibacterial. In addition, it includes guaiacolsulfonate, which stimulates the production of mucus in the bronchi, thinning it and facilitating expectoration. Thanks to these properties, preparation helps in the treatment of respiratory catarrhal.

It is recommended to administer the product to supplement the health cure catarrhal respiratory tract diseases with difficult sputum production.

Use oral lozenge. In adults, 1-2 tablets used x 3-4 / 24, but not more than 8 tabl./24h. In the case of children of 3-16 years 1 tablet administered. x3-4 / 24 between meals, but not more than 3 tabl./24h. Use a maximum of 4-6 days.