CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER, Chlorella pyrenoidosa organic

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Chlorella pyrenoidosa, CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER organic

pack size:200g Dosage form:powder

Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) has been proven to exist on our planet for over 2.5 billion years and has proven to be a true survivor. The alga thrives in fresh water and therefore has a negligible iodine content. Especially the high-quality ingredients, which are available in a highly concentrated form, are of great importance for nutrition. Derived from Latin, chlorella means something like young, small green, which can be understood with the very high chlorophyll content and the associated dark green color. There are other chlorella relatives, but they are not suitable as a dietary supplement.


CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER, Chlorella pyrenoidosa organic:


The composition of the chlorella algae consists of approx. 60% protein, 20% carbohydrates, 11% fat and 9% other components such as water, fiber and minerals, etc. Chlorella also has high and unique concentrations of chlorophyll (5th -10 times as much as in Spirulina) Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Sporopollein and Chlorellin. There are also vitamins and minerals that make chlorella so valuable: iron, calcium, potassium; ß-carotene and carotene; Various B vitamins (1,2,3,6,12); Vitamin C, E, folic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and much more. With the intake of approx. 2-3 g of chlorella as a dietary supplement per day, you cover the need for vitamin B12 and vitamin A


CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER, Chlorella pyrenoidosa organic Conclusion: 

Chlorella presents itself as an excellent, natural foodstuff, which is of great importance due to its health-promoting aspect. A valuable contribution in our polluted environment to which we are permanently exposed.

Origin: India.


CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER, Chlorella pyrenoidosa organic Ingredients: 

Chlorella algae powder (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) with no other additives.


CHLORELLA ALGAE POWDER, Chlorella pyrenoidosa organic Application: 

Consume 2g to 3g of algae powder daily with food or drinks.