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CHLORELLA algae pressed 200 tablets, prevention of flu

Taiwan Chlorella

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  • Chlorella is a measure of the broad spectrum. Especially recommended in the prevention of flu. Builds immunity, contains antioxidant substances. Restores correct intestinal movement and regenerates the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Water 2.7% Protein 60.0% Fat 11.0% Fiber 2.6% Carbohydrates 20.0% Kcal 13 on 3GR, fatty acids Unsaturated: 225.0 mgSaturated fatty acids: 50.0 mg, acids nucleic: (RNA / DNA) 30.0% Chlorophyll 3,6gr Xanthophyll 425.0 mg Inositol 89.0 mgMinerals: Iron 225.0 mg calcium 341.0 mg Potassium 885.0 mg 373.0 mg Magnesium Zinc 4.1 mg manganese 5.7 mg Selenium 7.0 ľ Iodine 0.5 mg beta-carotene 86.8 mg carotene 124.0 mg folic acid 1.2 mg Vitamins: Vitamin B1 1.9 mg Vitamin B2 4.6 mg Vitamin B3 20.0 mg Vitamin B6 1.4 mg vitamin B12 0.6 mg Vitamin C 59.0 mg Vitamin E 5.7 mg of amino acids: arginine 3.60 g Lysine 3.46 g Histidine 1.26 g Phenylalanine 3.03 g Tyrosine 2.22 g Leucine 5.08 g Isoleucine 2.39 g Methionine 1.41 g Valine 3.75 g Alanine 4.65 g Proline Glycine 3.35 g 2.61 g 5.93 g glutamic acid Serine Threonine 2.15 g 2.63 g 5.08 g aspartic acid Tryptophan 1.35 g Cysteine ​​0.69 g Ornithine 0.06 g CGF (Chlorella Growth factor) 5%.

Algae Pressed Chlorella, a measure of a very broad spectrum. It appreciated throughout the world as a preparation to help build a natural resistance - including resistance to stress. Chlorella substances having an antioxidant, which makes a great impact on the body, preventing premature aging process of the organism. Chlorella is helpful in the recovery period after illness and unlike antibiotics only kill pathogenic bacteria, at the same time supporting the growth and spread of friendly bacterial flora. In addition, Chlorella is positive and appreciated in diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, pressure, digestion and absorption, as well as viral and bacterial infections, fungal infections and allergies. Much of the content of xanthophylls prevents deterioration of sight. Improves mental and physical. Usage: Top consume after 2 to 3 grams. (10-15 tablets) chlorella daily with meals. drinking plenty of water. Such a dosage is well tolerated by both adults and children.