CHLORELLA Dr.Koll tablets 334 pcs detoxifying effect on heavy metals

Dr. Koll Biopharm GmbH

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CHLORELLA Dr.Koll tablets

HAVE A DETOXIFYING effect - Chlorella pellets are known for their detoxifying effect on heavy metals. Daily 2x5 tablets of Chlorella pellets cover the daily requirement of 3000mg Chlorella

INCL. VITAMIN B12 - Chlorella algae have vegetable sources of vitamin B12. For this reason, 100g of the Chlorella pellets contain 10μg natural vitamin B12

LABORATORY TESTED & CERTIFIED - Each batch of the Chlorella pellets is tested for harmful substances in an internal and external laboratory - 100% purity of all Chlorella tablets

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION - The Chlorella is sustainable in a closed tube system and cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner. This creates the most environmentally friendly Chlorella pellets made from Chlorella powder.

MADE IN GERMANY - The Chlorella pellets are obtained from cultivated Chlorella algae and manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards.

What is Chlorella?

Chlorella, a tiny, green, spherical protozoan, is said to be able to solve almost all medical problems on earth. CHLORELLA Dr.Koll tablets, etoxifying effect on heavy metals.

The microalgae are supposed to rid the body of toxins and help with numerous viral diseases, alleviate allergies and fibromyalgia, generally stimulate the immune system and much more.