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CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa, fibromyalgia, hypertension

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ORGANIC CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa TABLETS 400 mg fibromyalgia, hypertension

Pack size:300 pcs Dosage form:Tablets

What is chlorella Pyrenoidosa used for?

Auxenochlorella pyrenoidosa has been used medicinally as a chelatory agent, for example to extract dioxins and dioxin-like compounds from the body. Possible medicinal uses include: fibromyalgia. hypertension.

Dietary supplement made from Chlorella algae. List of

100% organic Chlorella pyrenoidosa * powder
* from controlled organic cultivation.

May naturally contain sulphite / sulfur dioxide.

Recommended use
As a dietary supplement, you should take up to 8 tablets throughout the day with sufficient water.
Preferably half an hour before meals.

Contents per pack 300 tablets of 400 mg = 120 g

Food supplements CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa fibromyalgia, hypertension. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa fibromyalgia, hypertension Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!