CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol assay TEST x 1 pc.


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Cholesterol test is a product used for quick and easy testing of blood cholesterol at home. Just prick your finger and apply a drop of blood to the test in the marked place to get a reliable result.

CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol assay TEST Package composition:
The packaging contains a foil envelope containing the test and a desiccant, a sterile lancing device, a plaster bandage and instructions for performing the test.

CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol assay TEST Action:
The proper functioning of the test depends on the content of appropriate enzymes such as cholesterol esterase, peroxidase and cholesterol oxidase. After applying the drop of blood, these substances react with the cholesterol it contains, and the color of the resulting compound is proportional to the amount of cholesterol.
It should be remembered that the substances used in the test are of animal origin and therefore may be potential infectious material. However, using the test according to the instructions completely eliminates the threat.

CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol assay TEST indications:
Cholesterol test is used to test blood cholesterol levels at home. It is especially recommended for people at risk of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attack or stroke.

The test should be performed on an empty stomach. This means that you should not eat or drink for 12 hours before taking the test.
At first, pierce the finger contained in the packaging with a sterile lancing device, place a drop of blood in the field indicated in the instructions, and after three minutes remove the protective film. Then match the color of the result to the color scale and read the result.