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CHRYPEX x 30 pellets flavored with blackcurrant, throat hoarseness, hoarse voice, laryngitis treatment


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  • While sucking lozenges CHRYPEX are released active substances that coat the mucous membrane protective film, alleviating symptoms associated with irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat, such as hoarseness, burning sensation, difficulty in swallowing.

CHRYPEX Ingredients:
Extract of marine algae (Irish moos) 80 mg in 1 pellet. Without sugar.

This product is intended for topical use in the form of lozenges. It contains extract of Icelandic lichen, which coats the lining of the throat and thus protects it from harmful microorganisms. Soothes the throat and nagging hoarseness and burning. It is characterized by the taste of black currant.

CHRYPEX Indications:
The product should be used in case of irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.

Use orally, sucking at a dose of 1-2 tablets. several times a day (as needed).