Cicatridina 2g x 10 intravaginal, hyaluronic acid serum, intimacy problems, dyspareunia, painful penetration


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  • The specially designed composition intravaginal Cicatridina with hyaluronic acid and natural oils, effectively speeds up the healing process, rebuilds the vaginal mucosa, relieves discomfort intimate surroundings.

sodium salt of hyaluronic acid 5 mg, Centella Asiatica - extract oil 60 mg, extract oil from marigold extract oil with aloe 60 mg extract oil with tea tree 2 mg, semi-synthetic glycerides, BHT, iozpropylparaben, izobutylparaben, butylparaben.

Action: pessaries Cicatridina, this means that in a very gentle and effective way to take care of the health of intimate women. Thanks to its rich composition, ideal for use in exceptional situations such as after childbirth, after gynecological surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy after menopause; when, in the vagina is created wounds annoying excessive dryness, pruritus and other disorders in the structure of the vaginal mucosa. Globules contain hyaluronic acid and a variety of natural plant oils with a goal of accelerating the healing of wounds in the vagina and accelerate healing. These globules effectively alleviate unpleasant and discomforting symptoms such as feelings of tension and vaginal dryness and pain with sexual activity.

Usage: After the birth, after gynecological surgery, after surgery, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy - use 1 globule evening for 10-20 days when vaginal dryness before and during menopause, estrogen reduced states - 1 globule used in the evening for 10 days, then every 2-3 daysCicatridina pessaries may be used for a long time.