Cicatridina cream 30g, hyaluronic acid, wound healing stages, wound dressings


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  • Cicatridina in the form of a cream, is a means of accelerating the cicatrization of wounds(wound healing). Thanks to the special formula restores the epithelium and restores the natural healing process. It contains hyaluronic acid. It reduces the appearance of scars.

Cicatridina Composition:
hyaluronic acid sodium salt, water, oil, vaseline alcohol, cetyl, stearyl, almond oil, sweet almond, stearyl ether, polyoxyethylene glycol (2) stearyl ether, polyoxyethylene glycol (21) glycerol, sorbitol 70%, silicone oil, chlorhexidine digluconate 20% , imidazolidinyl, isopropyl paraben, isobutyl paraben, butyl paraben, disodium edetate BHT

Activity: cream Cicatridina, the means to aid the healing of skin damage and healing. Recommended as preparation supporting the healing process, both superficial and deep different origin. This process occurs due to the presence in the formulation of hyaluronic acid. The cream is ideal for applying for abrasions, lacerations, burns, surgical wounds, bedsores and ulcers.Cicatridina cream is also applied externally on gynecological and obstetric. It is recommended for use after an episiotomy, caesarean, also with abrasions and odparzeniach pubic area.

To use: Apply 2-3 times a day to affected areas and gently massage. If necessary, covered with gauze. Cicatridina cream can be used for a long time.