CICLOPOLI against toe nail fungus 3.3 ml


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CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox
Nail polish containing active ingredients for use from 18 years of age.

Active ingredient: 8% ciclopirox.

Areas of application: Fungal diseases of the nails caused by thread fungi (dermatophytes) and / or other fungi that can be treated with ciclopirox.

Warning: Contains cetostearyl alcohol, local skin irritation (e.g. contact dermatitis) possible. 

Status: Jan. 2021.
Polichem SA; 50, Val Fleuri; LU-1526 Luxembourg.
Co-distribution: Almirall Hermal GmbH, Scholtzstraße 3; D-21465 

For CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Ciclopoli - the No. 1 * against nail fungus
Ciclopoli against nail fungus is a water-soluble anti-fungal varnish with a deep effect. The special HPCH technology transports the active ingredient ciclopirox deep into the nail, where it fights the fungus.

• Easy to use
• Has a strong and invisible effect
• Water-soluble varnish
• Ciclopoli ® deep-action effect

Also suitable for the treatment of nail fungus in diabetics.

* According to packs sold and sales, IQVIA sales data 2020

CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox all advantages at a glance

Strong effect
Ciclopoli against nail fungus contains the broad spectrum antifungal agent Ciclopirox 8%, which is effective against all common nail fungus pathogens and their spores.

Easy to use
Due to the water-soluble lacquer base, Ciclopoli is easy to use and invisible on the nail: just brush it on once a day, no time-consuming filing of the nail plate, no nail polish remover necessary. The varnish dries within a few seconds and does not shine on the nail surface.

Water-soluble lacquer
Ciclopoli is water-soluble due to its special technology. This distinguishes Ciclopoli against nail fungus from other ciclopirox and amorolfine varnishes.

Ciclopoli ® deep-action effect
The special HPCH technology transports the active ingredient ciclopirox deep into the nail, where it fights the fungus. With 30 hours of anti-fungal activity.

• Apply once a day to the entire nail and the surrounding skin (no prior filing of the nail plate necessary)
• Allow the varnish to dry for only approx. 30 seconds
• Do not wash the treated nails for at least 6 hours after application
• Afterwards, possible varnish residues can simply be washed off with water (no nail polish remover necessary)

Duration of treatment CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox:
The nail fungus should be treated until the affected nails have completely healed. To do this, the nail must grow back completely healthy. The duration of treatment depends on how fast the nail grows.

It usually takes a long time to heal completely:

If the treatment is stopped too early, the infection may flare up again. Perseverance is worth it!

Tips for treating the fungal nail infection:
• Change towels and socks regularly. Wash at least 60 ° C.
• Avoid sharing towels. Use your own towel and nail care kit.
• Regular disinfection of shoes, e.g. B. with Myfungar shoe spray to prevent re-infection.
• In addition to the treatment of nail fungus, possible athlete's foot or skin must also be treated. For this, z. B. Selergo cream or Selergo solution.


CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox Frequently asked questions and answers:

How should I use Ciclopoli against nail fungus?
Apply Ciclopoli against nail fungus once a day on the entire nail surface of the affected nails as well as 5 mm of the surrounding skin. The nails should be clean and dry. Let the active ingredient-containing nail polish dry for about 30 seconds. After application, the treated nails should not be washed for at least 6 hours. It is therefore recommended to use it in the evening before going to bed.

The next morning, possible paint residues can simply be washed off with water. The active ingredient has penetrated in fungicidal concentrations after just 6 hours and remains in the nail with up to 30 hours of anti-fungal activity. Annoying filing of the nail plate or nail polish remover are not necessary. If you have removed Ciclopoli against nail fungus by washing before the 6 hour exposure time has elapsed, you can simply reapply it.

How long do I have to use Ciclopoli against nail fungus?
Ciclopoli against nail fungus should be used until the symptoms have subsided, ie until the diseased nails have regrown clearly and completely healthy. Toenails and fingernails grow slowly, so it takes about 6 months for fingernails to fully heal, and toenails about 9 to 12 months for toenails.

A fungal nail infection is persistent and protracted. Hold on - make sure you treat it consistently! If the treatment is stopped too early, before the nail has not yet grown back completely healthy, the infection may flare up again.

Integrate the treatment into your daily routine or simply set a reminder on your mobile phone. It is best to take a photo of the affected nails every 4 weeks and document your success. In this way, successes that have already been achieved can be seen more clearly.

How long does a bottle of Ciclopoli against nail fungus last?
You can treat three infected toenails (including 1 big toe) for approx. 3 months with a 3.3 ml bottle.

How do I store Ciclopoli against nail fungus?
Keep the bottle in the folding box in order to protect the product from light. If the bottle is stored without the outer carton, the active ingredient changes and turns yellow. After each use you should close the bottle tightly so that the contents do not evaporate. Do not leave the bottle open.

Please do not store Ciclopoli against nail fungus in the refrigerator. At temperatures below 15 ° C, Ciclopoli can gel against nail fungus; a slight flocculation or deposit may form on the bottom of the bottle. This can be dissolved by rubbing the bottle between your hands for about 1 minute. Then the solution is clear again. This has no influence on the quality of the product or its effectiveness. Before use, check whether the solution is clear again by checking the bottom of the bottle.

After use, please close the bottle tightly so that the contents do not evaporate. Do not leave the bottle open. Keep the bottle in the folding box in order to protect the product from light.

Can I use a cosmetic color polish at the same time?
Cosmetic nail polishes, and nail polish removers in particular, often contain solvents that cause additional damage to the nail. Hold on with the treatment CICLOPOLI against nail fungus ciclopirox and look forward to healthy, beautiful nails!