CIMICIFUGA AL menopause tablets

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CIMICIFUGA AL menopause tablets

Cimicifuge rhizome dry extract 6.5 mg per film-coated tablet

Active substance: Cimicifuge rhizome dry extract.

To relieve symptoms caused by menopause.

Note: In the event of disturbances or recurrence of the menstrual period as well as persistent, unclear or newly emerging other complaints, a doctor should be consulted, as these may be diseases that require clarification by the doctor.

Contains lactose.

For CIMICIFUGA AL menopause tablets information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Cimicifuga AL 6.5 mg film- coated tablets Gentle alternative

• Herbal medicine
• Relieves typical menopausal symptoms such as
hot flashes and excessive sweating.

Menopause - a time of change

"Menopause" is the natural phase in life of hormonal changes. For most women, menopause begins in their mid to late 40s - but varies from person to person. The menopause describes the time of the last menstrual period. In about two thirds of these women, the hormonal change leads to mild to moderate symptoms. Hot flashes and sweats, mood swings and sleep disorders are particularly stressful. If there are no severe symptoms - which are treated with the medically prescribed and controversial hormone replacement therapy - taking CIMICIFUGA AL can bring relief from certain menopausal symptoms as a gentle alternative.

Herbal alternative

Black cohosh root (Cimicifuga) extracts are used to treat menopausal symptoms. It usually comes in the form of liquid or dry extracts. The mechanism of action is still unknown. However, clinical studies indicate that menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes and excessive sweating) can be alleviated by treatment with medicinal products containing cimicifuga.

Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, menopausal women take 1 film-coated tablet of CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg once a day with sufficient fluid, if possible, at the same time of day (morning or evening). If symptoms persist while taking CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg, a doctor should be consulted. The intake should not be longer than 6 months without medical advice. The film-coated tablets have a shelf life of 3 years. Body and soul in harmony

How menopause is felt and experienced largely depends on personal attitudes. A good helping of serenity and calm can work wonders. Exercise in nature and mindful activities such as yoga, tai chi or chi gong can also improve mental and physical well-being and lead to inner balance.

Fit through healthy eating You should avoid things that additionally reduce the production of hormones in the body and thus exacerbate the symptoms - in addition to a lack of exercise, these include poor diet, alcohol and nicotine. Healthy and fresh foods also make you feel fitter and more comfortable in your own skin. Therefore, fruits and vegetables should not be missing on the daily menu.

What helps with insomnia

Many women have problems falling and staying asleep during menopause. So-called "sleep hygiene" can help. In addition to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise during the day, regular bedtime and calming rituals before going to bed are important. The bedroom should be dark, calm and cool and be used primarily for sleeping. The television, the telephone and the e-reader have no place in the bed.

Frequently asked questions CIMICIFUGA AL menopause tablets and answers

How long can CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg film-coated tablets be kept after first opening?
CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg film-coated tablets have a shelf life of 3 years.

When should the onset of menopause be expected?
For most women, menopause begins in their mid-40s. At first, the bleeding is irregular: the period can come on suddenly, stop at all or last unusually long or short until it finally stops completely (menopause). Menopause also begins in their late forties and gradually develops in men.

When is it advisable to take CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg FILM-TABLETS?
For most women, menopause begins in their mid-40s. The hormone levels drop, which can have consequences for physical and psychological well-being. During this time, taking CIMICIFUGA AL 6.5 mg FILM-COATED TABLETS can gently relieve certain menopausal symptoms.

How can the complaints also be prevented?
Basically, the direction should be taken towards a calmer lifestyle. Everyday life should no longer be dominated by performance and stress, but rather calm, serenity, exercise in the fresh air and a healthy, balanced diet.