CIMICIFUGA Dilution, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms


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CIMICIFUGA COMP.Dilution 2X50 ml, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms

For general complaints during the menopause, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms.


Manufacturer: WELEDA AG
Article name: CIMICIFUGA COMP.Dilution
Quantity: 100 ml
Dosage form: Dilution

active menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms ingredients

  • 5 mg donkey thistle flower ethanol. Digestion (1:3,1)
  • 5 mg primula flower ethanol. Digestion (1:3,1)
  • 0.1 mg Hyoscyamus niger ex herba mother tincture
  • 125 mg Kalanchoe D1
  • 250 mg Cimicifuga racemosa, ethanol. Decoctum D5
  • 250 mg Leonurus cardiaca 3b D2

CIMICIFUGA Dilution, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms excipients

  • water, purified
  • ethanol

Cimicifuga comp.

For general symptoms during menopause with hot flashes

A special composition of six different medicinal plants ensures that processes in the body are harmonized again.


CIMICIFUGA Dilution, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms Description

Donkey thistle, henbane and primrose have a balancing effect on the day-night rhythm as well as on the cardiovascular system. This harmonization is supported by the germ tank. The medicinal plant black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), which is particularly effective in menopause, shows particularly beneficial effects on psycho-vegetative symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability and sleep disorders. The plant's positive relation to femininity can also be seen from the fact that it is often called "Indian women's root". Today it is considered a real alternative to hormone replacement therapy in menopause because of its excellent tolerability. Motherwort has an overall calming effect and rounds off the composition of Cimicifuga comp. away.

Dosage and method of administration

Unless otherwise directed, take 10-20 drops diluted with water 1-3 times a day before meals.


Contains 28% alcohol by volume.


Application CIMICIFUGA Dilution, menopause and anxiety, menopause symptoms areas:


According to anthroposophical knowledge of man and nature. These include: Symptoms during the menopause, especially with hot flashes, mood instability and circulatory disorders.

Pack size: 
100 ml