CIMMERIN gel mouth 5ml, cracked corners of mouth

Pharmacy Laboratories

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  • CIMMERIN gel mouth is a product, which is responsible for bacteriostatic and care. Protects damaged skin from external influences, regenerates and pulls.

CIMMERIN gel mouth, cracked corners of mouth Ingredients:
Vitamin B2, Hamamelis wirgilijski, Chlorhexydyna.

CIMMERIN gel mouth, cracked corners of mouth Action:
The product has a unique composition and is intended for local use.Its use allows the manufacture of the protective layer exhibits bacteriostatic. It protects against the ingress of external factors to the damaged skin. In addition, preparation nourishes, regenerates and tightens. Restores a healthy mouth and a smooth surface.

It is recommended applying the product in the case of cracking corners of the mouth, sores and flaking skin mouth. Also indicated the chapping of the skin.

Apply topically applying to the skin of the lips. The product should be used within 3 months of opening.