CIRCULAR CARE Ointment Dermi-cyl 50 ml flaking skin

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Cracked care ointment Dermi-cyl ® flaking skin

  • for the medical care of hard, calloused and cracked skin.
  • for faster healing of painful cracks (fissures) and to protect against recurrence.
  • supportive of pathological skin flaking and cornification (e.g. psoriasis or diabetes).

CIRCULAR CARE Ointment Dermi-cyl flaking skin Without dyes and preservatives

The special composition of SCHRUNDEN-CARE Ointment DERMI-CYL ensures that hard, calloused and cracked skin becomes soft and elastic again. Horny skin structures are effectively loosened and can be removed more easily, while at the same time the regeneration and formation of new skin cells is promoted.

With its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties, the Cracked Care Ointment Dermi-cyl helps prevent cracks and deeper skin tears from becoming inflamed.

CIRCULAR CARE Ointment Dermi-cyl flaking skin also serves as protection against drying out of the skin as well as against dirt, bacteria and fungal attack.